Build your online business with aligned marketing strategies - the smart way

Forget long hours and being on all the social media channels. 

Forget the masculine, fear-based sales strategies. 

It's time for your business to grow with a connected, feminine, consent-driven approach...

It's time for you to Take Off.



Building an online business involves a LOT of decisions...

Which strategies?

Which platforms?

Which niche?



Does this sound familiar?

  • You search for guidance online, but the advice is overwhelming and often conflicting.
  • You get super-inspired by an idea, but after a few weeks it's not working... so you go looking for something else.
  • Everyone sells self-study courses but you aren't getting any specific, detailed mentoring.
  • It feels like you need to work 12-hour days to do all the things that are needed to create any results.
  • ​You find yourself running around the internet, looking for people to serve, but never feeling like it's taking OFF. 



When you want to start and grow your business,
​you don't need a self-study course...

you need a mentor. 



Here's the thing... 

  • It's not a matter of finding the one magical strategy. There isn't one. 
  • It doesn't matter how amazing your services are, if no one ever gets to experience them.
  • It's not about spending thousands on ads, and risking your money on unproven messaging. 
  • You don't need to build fancy funnels... you don't even need to have a website.
  • Copying someone else's marketing strategy and business model won't create your ideal business. 





If you don't have a way to consistently

attract and convert new clients,

how will your business grow?





What you need is:

  • A super-clear niche / target market - and not just random demographics 

  • Great messaging that attracts the right people and articulates your value proposition effectively

  • Well-crafted offers that facilitate a high-value transformation for your ideal clients

  • Smart, lean marketing strategies that make money without huge investment up-front

  • To make a profit as quickly as possible - thus proving that your business is viable and can scale!

That's where I come in. I'm Tash Corbin... and this is TAKE OFF

A group mentoring program like no other. 

  • Step-by-step guidance - through video modules that guide you on the key steps to get great clients, quickly and easily.
  • An actual mentor - my eyes on your business, and lots of access to me as your business mentor. 
  • Connected, feminine strategies - No being told 'hustle', or to bully people into buying, no fear-based tactics at all. 
  • Get profitable FAST - high-conversion strategies with little to no up-front investment.
  • This is lean start-up at its smartest.

Take Off students get results...

  • You don't need to do it the hard way

  • You don't need to spend tens of thousands

  • You don't need everything perfect before you make money

  • You don't need to do it alone

  • In fact, you SHOULDN'T do it alone!

This program isn't for everyone... this is for you if:

  • You want to build an online service-based business 
  • You want a business that is aligned with your purpose, serves the world, AND makes a profit.
  • You don't have a scaleable online strategy to get clients consistently yet
  • You don't want to spend months trying all the strategies to make sales
  • You'd prefer not to spend tens of thousands of dollars before you make a profit
  • You are looking for tailored support, and access to a business mentor - not just pre-recorded content

Join the waitlist:

Take Off is currently closed to new students.

Please register for the waiting list to be notified when doors are open.

Graduate Success

Take Off has been instrumental in helping me move from an in-person clinic to establishing my kinesiology business online, and stand out in what can sometimes feel like a crowded market


Claire Tait



I wouldn't have an online business right now if it wasn't for Take Off. This program helped me turn my marketing degree into a marketing business



Natasha Berta



Prior to Take Off I had spent thousands on courses and programmes for zero return and hardly any support. The Take Off investment was SO worth it, not only for monetary return but for the ongoing access to Tash and the live calls which are invaluable and mean I don’t need to buy another course.

Leonie Gough



It's NOT a formula. 
It's NOT one size fits all.



  • 12 x step-by-step modules - video training with worksheets that guide you through your business model, niching, messaging, crafting offers, and marketing in simple, practical steps.
  • 2 x group coaching sessions every month - hot-seat style calls mean you have an actual conversation with me about your business, ask your questions, and get the support and advice that you need
  • Supportive private FB Communityask questions, share milestones, get advice and feedback... and be part of the most supportive group of women entrepreneurs I've ever met! Plus, opportunities to join small groups for masterminding, and special promotional opportunities.


  • Your business model 
  • Your ideal client and niche
  • The precise packages you will offer, and their pricing
  • Messaging that deeply resonates and magnetises the right clients
  • Your unique marketing and sales process that fits your strengths and skills
  • How to scale your business and the right marketing strategies FOR YOU

Who SHOULDN'T do this program:

  • If you want to sell physical products (like candles or shoes) - Take Off is for selling your services and digital products only.
  • If you want to build a network marketing or MLM business 
  • If you're looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme that doesn't involve any effort
  • If you're not particularly passionate about your business idea, and you're ONLY doing it for the money

Why Take Off?


  • You get lots of time with me, and I get to know your business

  • Over 300 womxn have already completed the program - it's proven and it works for a wide range of businesses

  • No deadline for completing the program - take as long as you need

  • The most supportive FB Community, in which you will meet business besties, providers, potential clients, and grow your network

  • Special opportunities for promoting your business and your offers, with extra algorithm-friendly options

  • Easy step-by-step strategies that don't require you to be working 14 hour days, spamming your friends and family, or resorting to slimy tactics and trickery

  • I won't tell you to hustle or get hungry in order to succeed - this isn't a chest-beating, 

Best of all... I'm with you

Every step of the way

This program gets you lots of access to me - through the FB Group and live calls twice per month. You get to jump in, speak with me, give me your updates, ask your questions... Live


I'm not going to sell you a course and then leave you to figure it out - because when you're in start-up, you NEED a mentor... not just a self-study program. 


If you're not sure if this program is the right fit for you - get in touch HERE.

Join the waitlist:

Take Off is currently closed to new students.

Please register for the waiting list to be notified when doors are open.

Your no-risk investment:


30-days, no questions

You don't need to show me your homework (you're not 11 years old) - if for any reason in the first 30 days, if you don't love it, you can get a refund.
Just email the support team within the first 30 days. Simple!

Ongoing Access

As long as Take Off exists

You get to stay in the Take Off program for as long as it's around - for at least a year, guaranteed. Come to any of the live calls, access EVERYTHING in the program, stay in the community - as long as you need.

LIVE Coaching

2 calls per month

This is the no-brainer part of Take Off. I host two live calls every single month, and as a student of Take Off, you can come to every single one. I charge $1,495 per hour for coaching sessions, you get 24 of them per year!

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