Would you like to start leveraging your time…

by creating and launching an online course?


Would you like to know my step-by-step process to not only create high quality courses, but also where to host them, and how to launch them?


Do I have a resource for YOU!

This comprehensive and practical training is for those serious about creating and launching online courses: 

  • Almost two-hours of in-depth training
  • Why courses are powerful, the myths you may have fallen for, and how to get your business READY for a course
  • My step-by-step process to plan, create, prepare AND launch your online course, with tips, tricks and things to watch out for.

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"Creating online courses doesn't need to be overwhelming or complex. This training takes you through all the steps, one at a time, keeping it simple and effective."                                                                                - Tash Corbin

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